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Send client newsletters with content


Newsletters and email marketing are the key to keeping your clients informed about new product and service offerings as well as current promotions and upcoming events.  Let us help you build an email list and get into your clients’ inbox.  With Well Said Content your clients will want to take action and click through to your website.


Writing good content

Articles, Blogs & Website Content

Website content includes your about and contact page as well as articles, product information pages and relevant blog posts.  A strong content marketing strategy makes sure you’re sharing helpful information that offers insights and answers questions.  We create content that makes readers want to share it with their own networks as well as buy your products and services.


Social media for your business

Social Media

Social media is a consistent way to stay in touch with clients on a daily basis.  With lives being so busy and the usage of mobile devices constantly increasing, keeping followers and fans up to date is critical for your business.  A mix of content including resources from your website, news headlines, contests and behind the scenes sneak peeks keep clients wanting to come back for more.

We can help decide which social media channels work best for your business and tailor content for your audience. We will help get your social channels up and running as well as create a content schedule for consistent brand messaging.  If you prefer to keep your social media manager in house we can teach them how to manage multiple channels, create unique content that engages your network as well as measure success.


Workshops book reading

Training and Workshops

If you want your team to learn how to write better content we can teach them how with our one day workshops.  We’ll come to your location and help your team of in-house writers learn how to create content that sells including how to write captivating headlines, tell a story and control reader behaviour.  Workshops include a review of your current content, real life case studies and writing tutorials as well as feedback on samples.


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