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21 SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

Have you ever Googled the term SEO? Go on, you’re a curious business owner, go ahead. I’ll wait. Did you get 2.38 billion results? So did I. Now let’s try the term SEO techniques. You should have received 2.88 million results. Why did I have you do this? To help you learn something valuable about SEO techniques.

The more specific you can be with your SEO techniques and keyword planning, the better your content will rank with search engines.

By narrowing down your search from simply the term SEO to SEO techniques, you chopped off 2.37 billion articles and therefore reduced the competition for your potential article, blog post or other web content. You reduced the competition. That’s what you want. You want to be at the top of the search rankings with low competition. It also helps with advertising campaigns. If you can rank for a low to medium use keyword, you’ll save on your advertising budget.

How’s that for business awesome? To succeed with SEO, you need to identify the SEO techniques that get you results and then put all your resources into executing and getting better at those techniques. You don’t need to spend hours a day doing it, simply carve out a few minutes and tackle a new technique.

There’s many different things you can do to improve your SEO game: you could search for dead links, untapped keywords, link to authority sites, write mini blog posts for your YouTube descriptions and more.

YouTube is considered the #1 search engine on the web, so putting relevant content and descriptions into your videos is a plus and lets you get your keywords in. Its yet another online marketing channel that you can rank high on.

Curious and craving more unique SEO techniques for your business, click here.

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