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The Best Free Content Analytics Tools

Write content with a penAre you using these Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools? Data is an important part of every business. Without it, you wouldn’t understand your customers – what they want, how they want it and where the latest trends are in your niche. You need to know that your content and your strategies are performing well. After all, if you’re not getting a return on something you’re putting valuable time into, why continue down that path?

Sure, sifting through endless data points can be mind numbing, but it doesn’t have to be. Contently shares their list of the top free content analytics tools you should be using. There are a few traditional ones but also a few you might not know about and they’re pretty cool.

Want to know what your competitors are doing for keyword strategy? Look no further than SimilarWeb. Simply enter a website or mobile app and receive insights about traffic and rankings and then compare against competing sites. They also offer a paid PRO version in addition to API’s and browser plugins to put data at your fingertips.

How about the heat map for your site? A heat map shows you where users are going to most and clicking on your site, pretty valuable info isn’t it? Clicky provides real-time (yes!) heat maps for each individual user; it’s a feature that’s not traditionally offered by an analytics company, setting Clicky apart from the rest. Although you may have to pay for Clicky if you have over 3,000 page views a month, it offers a much cleaner interface than Google Analytics, Twitter integration and that wonderful heat map feature. What’s not to love?

The mainstream tools like Google Analytics and URL shortener Bitly make it to the list as well. But it’s worthwhile to give this list a look as you may find your next keyword planner, optimization or content analytics tool to fast track your content strategy.

Check out the rest of the list on Contently.

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