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How to Build a Website the Right Way: 19 Do’s and Don’ts

build a websiteThere are over 1 billion websites on the web today and it always amazes me how many businesses still don’t have one or don’t take the time to plan, set goals and enlist help with design. Sure you may be a one man or one woman show, and on a budget, but nowadays it doesn’t cost much to enlist some help to build a website.

You can’t simply build a website on a whim, you need to have a clear idea on why you’re doing it and exactly what you want on your site. Now I’m guessing you’re a proud business owner and have strong beliefs in how your site should look, which is great, but you also need to consider your customers. Ensuring that your site is user friendly, targeted to your audience, and has a clear call to action, should be a few of your main considerations. Keep your proud business owner ego on the down low and consider how you can best engage your customers first.

After building several websites myself, I finally realized that for the third I needed to enlist some help. No one is a pro at everything, please don’t try to do it all yourself! Your site is a professional representation of you, and it needs to look that professional. You also don’t want to spend hours of your valuable time learning how to code or design logos. Recognize your weak spots and hire help – it will save you hours of frustration.

You want to build a website that your customers will love, it’s your greatest marketing tool after all. So remember why you’re in business, set some clear goals and don’t expect a stunning website overnight. As with everything business, it all takes time.

Here’s a quick list of the top do’s and don’ts to build a website.

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