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How Building a Good Website Helps Your Business

Building a good website drawing

Building a good website can be instrumental in helping your business grow. As a small business owner, you probably know that nowadays you need a website to showcase your skills and services, help clients find you through search engines such as Google and create an easy way for clients to contact you. Having a website has become mandatory and could mean the difference between growing your business and remaining stagnant. We don’t want stagnant do we? Didn’t think so. It can be challenging for small business owners to navigate the “where do I start” when attempting to build a good website.

On the surface, a good website should be welcoming for clients, give them easy access to the most frequent information they need (such as an account login) and tell them about you and your business. When building a good website remember that it shouldn’t be complicated – user friendly and clutter free is what you’re aiming for. It can have several pages with a lot of information, but it shouldn’t be hard for clients to navigate. Always remember that the more people need to click the less likely they are to do it.

When starting to design your site, you need to think like your customer. What have they come to your site to do? How do they prefer to connect via social media with you? Looking at your data and analytics will shed some light on the answers to these questions. How you are marketing and getting clients to your site will help answer if you need a landing page and which method will be the most budget friendly for your business.

If you want clients to stay on your website (yes!) to read more about you, learn about your services and eventually contact you to book an appointment the information has to be clearly presented and easy to find.

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