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Content Marketing Tips You Need to Know

content marketing tipsNo matter what kind of business you’re in, content marketing should be a big part of your strategy. It’s how you’re going to attract the right kind of customer for your business. But with so many companies cranking out audio, video, images, blogs and more, how do you get noticed? Let’s look at a few content marketing tips that will lead to success:

Don’t write short posts. Maybe you think you’re not a writer, I get it, many of us are intimidated with having to write anything longer than a text message. But trust me, writing 1,000+ word posts will help you improve your search rankings, site traffic and your value to readers. Besides, once you get started, it will get easier. Do your best to avoid the get it done and over with approach.

Guest post on popular blogs in your niche. You know this one, right? To further yourself as an expert in your industry, you need to expand your reach. One simple way to do this is through guest posting on industry sites and blogs. Not only do you get your voice out there, you also get traffic back to your site. Bonus on two counts!

Be consistent. Remember when your mom or dad said practice makes perfect? That’s what we’re going for here. Be consistent with what you post, when and where and you’ll earn more customers, improve your blogging skills, and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Pay attention to analytics. Please? Many of us, myself included, on occasion can be a bit intimidated by Google Analytics. But whatever you do, learn how to use it. It’s your greatest asset in understanding your customers. Analytics give you valuable insight into who’s visiting your site, what they’re reading and how they’re engaging with it. You’ll be able to figure out your most popular content, keep giving your customers what works, and drop what doesn’t work.

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