why content matters

Why Content Matters: 10 Reasons to Make It a Priority

why content mattersCustomers are inundated with new content each day through their social networks, readers and email lists. You have to fight for your customers’ attention and creating content is time consuming, so why bother? Well, content has a huge role to play in your business and your customers are looking to you for informative, valuable content. Let’s look at why content matters:

Your brand

You want your content to cultivate a real connection, to embrace your company’s humanity and showcase your shared purpose of why you do what you do. When you can create camaraderie that inspires, customers get behind you. It may take time, but great content creation can elevate your brand and get your business recognized by influencers and thought leaders.

Your customers

Not only does content drive all the tangibles such as SEO, driving web views and growing leads; it also builds a relationship of trust with your customers. You have the ability to position yourself as an expert with your customers, which will in turn keep them coming back to you. Customers want helpful information and are more likely to follow and refer you if they see content that interests them.

Your team

Content creation gives your sales and marketing teams an authentic brand message to convey to your customers. It also provides an image of your business that your team can get behind and  in turn, show that to your customers with credibility. Internal and external content can provide a wealth of value for your team when working with your customers. It can easily give them the edge over your competition. Enthusiastic employees equal enthusiastic customers that can endorse your brand and product. When a customer loves your business that translates to increased market share, new leads and engaged customers.

Still need more reasons why content matters? Check out these 10 reasons.

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