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Content Selling vs. Content Marketing: The Next Evolution [Infographic]

content sellingContent selling is the next evolution in the world of content marketing, but there’s one small hurdle to overcome – how do you engage your sales team and get them sharing?

Sales and marketing have long been at odds within most businesses. Sales reps blame marketing for the quality and quantity of leads provided and marketing shrugs wondering why no one in sales understands them. Marketers understand the power that content marketing has to attract and nurture leads. It’s the great divide between marketing and sales that needs to be conquered. Making sales understand the content movement that marketing loves so dearly, can be a challenge.

Fear not, the great divide is about to be conquered.

Social savvy sales reps are quickly becoming content curators themselves. While it’s common for your sales team to wait on marketing to provide content, reps are now finding and sharing internal and external collateral they believe would be interesting and relevant to their customer base. They’re curating the best content for clients using their own LinkedIn profiles and in some cases, publishing their own content via LinkedIn or personal blogs.

Sales reps understand the needs of their client base and are much more effective at pinpointing the best content that will provide a return. After all, would you send a real estate based piece of collateral to a healthcare client? Probably not. And you wouldn’t necessarily sell to healthcare the way you would to real estate.

Social savvy reps, however, are still an exception to the rule. Most have not adopted the role of content curator into their day yet. With face to face calls becoming more difficult with busier than usual customers, content selling could easily fill the void and keep sales front and centre with busy customers. It’s time to unite sales and marketing to work as a team in achieving true content selling as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

To show salespeople how content can be used, check out this handy infographic from Hubspot and KnowledgeTree.

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