how to create a killer call to action

How to Create a Killer Call to Action

how to create a killer call to actionWhat is a call to action and how do you use it correctly? You can’t just slap up a “Click here!” and expect to start racking up the clicks and leads. There are several elements to consider in your CTA if you want to entice customers and have them take you seriously.

Your call to action, or CTA as its often abbreviated to, is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads and customers to take action. It is quite literally a call for your customers to take action.

The more information you can provide to your customers in your CTA, the more likely they are to click. Using “Buy Now” or “Click Here” are not always going to work.

You need to entice customers. Give them a motivating reason to click.

Do you offer consultations? Consider a CTA that provides a benefit for your customer, such as: “Call to schedule a free consultation.” Or “Plan your dream vacation today.” When you provide a benefit for your customer, it gets them thinking. They start pondering, “Hey, I need to call now for a consultation.” Well, it’s free, so it won’t hurt. CLICK and done.

When devising a call to action, like the one above, you want to make it enticing, use strong language that evokes a reaction, and when all else fails, consider FOMO or get down right creative. In the world of online marketing, things change quickly and more often than not, creativity and changing it up regularly will have your customers clicking instead of passing you by. Most online campaigns or pay per click (PPC) advertising involves a lot of trial and error, so creativity can be key in keeping up with the changing online landscape.

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