Build a content strategy

How To Effectively Build Your Content Strategy

Build a content strategy

Content is still king. When it comes to creating an effective content strategy, you should focus on your audience and building community. Remove the me and focus on the we. Creating content strictly from your business’ perspective is not only self-serving but pushes your product or service further from your audience’s minds.

There are so many things that need to happen in order to find success online with your website and social media. If you want to reach new levels of success online, you must reach more individuals by timing your content, targeting your audience and providing a great experience for them. Make them want to shout from the heavens, “I’m so happy I found your product”, and tap into real time events in the lives of your audience. If you’re worried about where to start, keep it simple; start with the weather, or what they watch on TV and how those events are impacting their lives. Get creative and answer those questions, find ways to make your business a part of those conversations. You want to be sitting right there with your audience, right in their living room, saying I get it, and I’ve got the right solution.

What about data? We are in a time of the marketers dream; the data you collect can offer insights into your target audiences’ behaviour and allow you to hone your content strategy further. The key is to be confident and trust your data and insights.

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Mega brand influencer Brand Networks, specializing in relevance-driven native social advertising and content marketing solutions, joins Social Media Week and answers the five most important questions small business owners should be asking when building a content strategy for social media and their websites.


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