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Why Financial Advisors Need to Deliver Good Content

When it comes to money, people invest with whom they trust. In 2016, one of the best ways for clients and potential clients to get to know you is by creating content they want to read – a.k.a. good content. With the saturation of information on the Internet, unfortunately any old content won’t do. You need to produce good content that solves a problem, helps explain something for the masses, or provides helpful information with a different twist. If you’re not doing that with newsletters, your website and blog posts, then you’re wasting your time.

Why do financial advisors need good content? Simple. It’s what drives new business nowadays. Coffee doesn’t encourage customer loyalty anymore, staying informed with content does. You get customer loyalty by making their lives easier and helping them solve a challenge they’re having. Write content about saving money, investing, living on a budget, and retirement planning that people want to read – and more importantly want to share.

When you produce content – specifically blog posts – that clients want to share, new potential clients learn about you. The best part is that share on social media comes with an automatic recommendation. Think of it as digital word of mouth referrals. It’s the in person equivalent of Mr. Smith telling Mrs. Jones to book an appointment with Tahnya Kristina because she’s a great financial planner. Mr. Smith goes online, takes an article from your business, and shares it to his own LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter feed. When he shares, it says Mr. Smith shared this from Tahnya Kristina Financial Planning. Not only does Mrs. Jones see the shared content, but also all of Mr. Jones’ other friends and followers. How fantastic is that?!

It’s wonderful. Some may even say it’s better than a one to one referral, because it’s one to the entire Internetverse. To infinity and beyond!

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