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The Benefits of Blogging for Business

I need to blog?! What?! But I’m a small business owner not a writer. Blogging isn’t what I do.

When it comes to blogging for business, people often have a small freak out at the thought. Many believe that blogging equals some socially awkward kid in their basement writing on the web about teenage angst and generally everything that’s wrong with the world. That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth is blogging is a way of life for many people and many brands. A lot of individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners now make a decent living because they started a blog (some are into six and seven figures!). There are more and more start-ups achieving success from content marketing via their blog. It’s the best, easiest and generally, the cheapest way to reach your target audience.

What does all this mean? How are they doing it? All those start-ups are writing about subjects people are searching for in Google. They’re blogging about topics their potential clients find valuable. They create great content, promote it out over social media and potential clients find them based on the free eBook, PDF, online course, or relatable blog post they found online. More valuable content and promotion across social media means more potential clients are finding you.

If you’re new to the blogging game, start simple and be sure to give influencers you may be quoting a shout out. Be sure to involve them and show them you enjoyed their material. This could be your ticket to a much larger audience if they share your post over social media. Be sure to tag them with their username (@username) and let the sharing begin!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of blogging for your small business read more on HubSpot.

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