instagram stories

Instagram Stories: How to Use Them Effectively

instagram stories

Instagram stories may seem like yet another social media platform for your business to learn. But it has its advantages. It’s hard to keep up and figure out which platforms your business should target and be a part of, so how can you make effective use of a new one?

The Instagram platform as a whole provides great value for brands. So, even with the Snapchat Stories copycat cries, brands are gravitating to Instagram Stories.

They see Instagram as a platform where the influencers and creators are most predominant; the analytics are just the icing on the cake. Instagram’s new Stories feature may be the ticket to get your business more exposure on the platform.

Customers want to see your brand story – and not just the perfect, polished one you present to them in print. They want to connect with your business and your product. So it’s important to show customers your why. Why are you in it, what problem do you solve and how did you discover your business idea. It’s no longer about fake, smiling models 24/7 in your content strategy; it’s now about real people, real time using your product.

Brands such as Benefit Cosmetics have used Facebook for makeup tutorials, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York used Facebook to share the opening of a new exhibit. Instagram stories could be used in a similar way with behind the scenes content, influencer takeovers of your Instagram account and Q&A sessions with customers. It’s a great way to produce live in the moment content.

The team at Buffer shares the Instagram Stories launch and shows you what they are, how they work and the 5 ways brands can use Instagram Stories to become social media movers and shakers.

Read more on the Buffer Social Blog.

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