This is our story...

Today, Well Said Content is a digital content boutique that helps financial advisors grow online with customized content and social media. Now, we’re digital marketing consultants who offer content creation and social media coaching to help you establish your online persona, grow your networks and build your personal financial brand. Presently, if you need content for your client newsletter, email campaigns, blog, website or social networks, we can help. But it didn’t start out that way.

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It all started with a financial planner and a dream.

In 2008 our founder Tahnya Kristina was a successful Financial Planner – then the market crashed and her world turned upside down. She suddenly found herself without an income. So, she started freelance writing to make some money on the side.

Managing money was her first love, but all of a sudden it wasn’t paying the bills. She started working with financial services brands like H&R Block, Credit Sesame and Learn Vest as a freelance writer, creating content for their websites. And that’s how the story of Well Said Content begins.

The banking and investment industries (and the world) were in a panic after the financial crisis of 2008. Investors didn’t know what to do, they were selling assets and hoarding cash – two nasty little habits that stop the economy from recovering. Companies had to let clients know what to do and help them prepare for what comes next, so they turned to the internet – and took digital communications by storm.

Businesses of all types from big corporations, independent firms and start-ups couldn’t get information out fast enough, so they started outsourcing. That’s how Tahnya Kristina grew her freelance writing portfolio to include companies like Bankrate, Go Banking Rates and Credit Karma – all while still working 9 to 5 at a bank.

Then the financial markets crashed

And then social media happened

And the world of digital communications would never be the same. Financial companies wanted more from their writers. They wanted content creators to drive traffic to their website a.k.a. find new clients. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough to be a good writer, you also had to create content people wanted to share with their friends – and like and comment on. 

That’s when Well Said Content started to take off. You couldn’t just say it, you had to say it well. To this day that’s our founding principle. We write with purpose and create content your clients want to read. There’s no point in being active on social media just to be active, before you hit share ask yourself why are you sharing this? What’s the benefit for your followers? When you talk with us, that’s the first thing we ask. Why do you want to be online and who is your target client?

Now, digital marketing is a real thing

Now here we are. With over 17 years of financial services experience and 10 years in digital marketing, transitioning from a Financial Planner to a freelance writer to a digital marketing consultant was a natural move because Tahnya Kristina understands both worlds. From the sales and relationship management side of a financial advisor to the marketing and communications side of a consultant.

Our roster of clients includes financial and insurance corporations like John Hancock and Mackenzie Investments, FinTech businesses such as Lowest Rates and Investopedia and independent financial advisor firms where we work with both the brand and the individual advisors.

We want to be your choice to stay in touch with clients through digital communications. We hustle = we work hard. We create content = we write. And we coach = show you how to be your best online. We don’t need to tell you going digital with website content and social media will help sustain your business for many years to come. So, we’ll just tell you we’re here to help you do it. If you want to be online and don’t know where to start or if you’re already online and want to be better, let’s talk.