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Social Media and Blog Content

Online content includes your website, blog and social networks. Website content includes your about and contact page as well as articles, product information pages and relevant blog posts.  A strong content marketing strategy makes sure you’re sharing helpful information that offers insight and answers questions for readers – and potential clients.

We create content for your social networks, blog and website that makes readers want to share it with their own networks and contact you to learn more about your products and services. Visit our blog for content samples.

Social Media Coaching

Social media is a consistent way to stay in touch with clients, partners and centers of influence on a daily basis. With lives being so busy and the usage of mobile devices constantly increasing, keeping followers and fans up to date is crucial for your business. A mix of content including resources from your website, news headlines, customized images and helpful blog posts keep clients wanting to come back for more.

We can help decide which social media networks work best for your business and tailor content for your individual audience. We will help get your social channels up and running as well as create a content schedule for consistent brand messaging. If you prefer to keep your social media management in house we can teach them how to manage multiple channels, create unique content that engages your network as well as measure success. Check out our LinkedIn page for social media samples.

Website Content

Don’t have a website yet, but want to get online? We’ll help find a domain name, create a website and publish content for your visitors to get to know your business. Could you imagine if a client was referred to you, typed your name into Google and found nothing?!

A website is an important part of your digital marketing strategy because it lets readers (and potential clients) get familiar with your services and your experience i.e. how your knowledge can help them. Social media is the place where you can attract new visitors by making new connections and your website is the place where they can go to learn more about how your expertise can help them achieve their goals. We hope you enjoy this website – we built it ourselves.

Email Marketing with Newsletters

Newsletters and email marketing are the key to keeping your clients informed about new product and service offerings as well as current promotions and upcoming events. Let us help you build an email list and get into your clients’ inbox.  With Well Said Content your clients will want to take action and click to visit your website.