Grow your blog at home

10 Simple Ways to Grow Your Blog

Grow your blog at home

When was the last time you focused on growing your blog? Has it been a while?

If you think it’s a time consuming task that you simply can’t fit into your day, Social Media Week gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it – the quick and painless way. The life of a small business owner is crowded with a plethora of daily to-do’s, must-do’s and OMG, I forgot to pay a supplier type of things, so of course, it’s awesome to grow your blog the simple and non-time-consuming way.

All bloggers are different and all blogs are unique, but there is one thing they have in common: they all want to write content that their readers find valuable and want to share. It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging to grow your business, to get something off your chest, or to share helpful information; you write because you want someone to read your words.

That being said, writing isn’t just about the words. The mission of growing your blog still relies heavily on content marketing. How you share, when you share, who you collaborate with and your social strategy are all key elements to growing your blog. All of these elements will get you in front of the right audience, with your story and at the right time.

Quite often we overlook the simple things that will grow our blog and focus on trying to be too unique in our approach. Having a clear purpose for your blog is a simple yet effective way to grow your blog. Once clients see that you’re an expert in a particular area or industry, they’ll gravitate to your blog and start sharing your posts.

Although the mission of gaining more attention to grow your blog requires a lot of work, it will become easier when you choose some of the following overlooked ways to make your blog more popular.

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