Chose social media or content

Social Media vs. Content: Where Should You Invest?

Chose social media or content

Quite often small business owners ask if they should invest time and money into social media versus content. The truth is – it doesn’t have to be just one. Deciding where to allocate your budget and resources isn’t easy, especially if you have limited human resources, fixed budgets and not a lot of time – which is the case with many startups and small business owners. You can – and should – build strategies for both your content and social media efforts. The answer to the question is to create your very, very best content then promote across social like crazy.

There’s no need to turn into a content mill, what you’re really after is producing stellar content that provides value and connects with your audience. The key is to spend most of your time and budget promoting your content like crazy on your chosen platforms. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all offer advertising solutions that can be highly targeted, therefore increasing the ROI on not only your time but also your budget.

Although thought to be very similar, social media and content marketing have uniquely different focuses as part of your digital marketing strategy. Social is used to attract, engage and drive traffic, like a channel or conduit; while content is what goes out on those channels. Content is used to inform, educate and have clients take action, such as: contact you or buy your products and services. Social and content complement each other, so stop thinking of them as competitors. Together they form your overall content marketing strategy. Social + Content = Content Marketing.

So how do you decide where to put your efforts? And how much time should you devote to each? MarketingProfs takes the guesswork out of the equation and offers up the what, where, how, and how much of content marketing.

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