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How to Start Building a Website for Your Business

build a business websiteYou’ve got a great business idea, all the enthusiasm to get started and then it happens, someone tells you that you need to build a business website. But you’ve never tweeted, pinned, SEO’d or wait….HTML? What is that? While most of these terms can sound like a strange disease to a new business owner, they are essentials for building an online business presence.

Every business needs a professional website to connect with customers and show they’re an expert in their field. If you’re scared of HTML, where do you start? You may have an image in your mind of exactly how your site should look, but how do you translate that to an actual business website. The essentials of how to build a business website is a lot like nailing down your business plan.

The basic premise of your site can be built around your business plan. Such things as your business goals, a clear purpose, calls to action and what you can do for customers are likely all elements you’ve established in your business plan. Be sure to explore how they translate to the online world and be sure to communicate them to the designer.

While you may be tempted to design the site yourself, its best to seek help if you’ve never attempted to build a business website before. Sure, it may provide a sense of personal accomplishment but if it ends in your business not looking professional to customers – uh oh! When looking for a designer, be sure to look at their sample portfolios, seek out references and have a quick chat with them. Doing this at the start will ensure that you’ll both be on the same page, and be able to work toward your business goals together.

Unsure of how to build a business website? Here’s a list of 30 tips to get you started.

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